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DV4650-470 EBM-PAPST Cooling Fan Stockist UAE

The DV4650-470 EBM-PAPST Cooling Fan is a high-performance fan designed for use in a variety of electronic equipment, such as power supplies, telecommunication equipment, and other types of industrial equipment. It features a compact design and a high air flow rate, making it ideal for use in tight spaces. The fan is powered by a brushless DC motor, which provides a long service life and low noise operation. Additionally, the fan is equipped with a tachometer output, which can be used to monitor the fan’s speed and detect any potential malfunctions. Overall, the DV4650-470 EBM-PAPST Cooling Fan Stockist UAE is a reliable and efficient cooling solution for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

EBM-Papst DV 4650-470 Cooling Fan

Part Type: FAN
Model: DV 4650-470
Brand : Ebm-papst
Size mm x mm x mm: Length 120mm x Width 120mm x height 38mm
Voltage: 230V
Current: 110mA
Power: 18/19W
Wires: 2

Geforce Electromechanical LLC is sole distributor of variety of EBM PAPST products and blowers in Middle East UAE.

Types Of EBM-PAPST Blowers:

Gas Blowers

Low air flow rates and particularly high back pressures characterize this gas blower compact design. Centrifugal blowers from EBM-Papst meet all of the requirements for heating technology. EBM-Papst presently has the largest product range in the world as it offer the proper answer, whether it’s a few kilowatts for single residences or several megawatts to feed huge residential districts.With condensing units, getting the appropriate gas/air mixing ratio is critical for an optimal combustion process and low NOx emission levels.
Blowers for Blue Flame Burners

Special blowers with backward-curved impellers and motors with GreenTech EC technology are necessary for oil condensing technology. The combustion air is carried by a centrifugal fan. The aerodynamics expertise of EBM-Papst enables us to develop blower solutions that exceed the most stringent requirements in terms of air flow, pressure, low noise levels, compactness, and service life while remaining cost-effective.
Circulation Blowers

EBM-Papst circulation blowers are developed to meet the unique requirements of circulating hot air in electrical appliances. Shaded-pole motor technology, which has been tried and true, enables equal temperature distribution inside household ranges and ovens, resulting in a perfect bake. The special bracket, which allows the engine to be put outside the oven to protect it from the heat, is a particularly useful feature.
It can, however, do more than circulate hot air; it can also handle a variety of climatic variables in laboratory and climatic chambers, such as dry or humid, cold or hot. The usage of EC motor technology adds more usefulness and ease to this situation
Blowers for Solid Fuel Burner
Intake Air Fans
EBM-Papst EC & AC centrifugal blowers dazzle with their silent operation and cost-effective performance when used as primary or secondary intake air blowers. The blowers can be fitted with a tech output for precise control depending on the mode of operation.
Fans for air circulation are also used in pellet stoves to guarantee that the warm air is distributed uniformly around the room. Our tangential blowers and forward-curved centrifugal blowers are ideal for this application.
Exhaust air fans: The induced draught fans from
fulfil the highest expectations in terms of service life, noise, and cost effectiveness when it comes to carrying exhaust air. We use corrosion-resistant stainless steel fan impellers as standard.
Exhaust Blowers
EBM-Papst exhaust’s blowers for conventional heating were designed to withstand high temperatures. The AC shaded-pole motor’s acoustic and thermal decoupling keeps noise to a minimum, while EBM-Papst bearing technology sets the standard for long-lasting, maintenance-free operation.
Hot Air Blowers
The shaded-pole motors used in EBM-Papst hot-air blowers are tried and true. The hot air impeller is composed of hot-dip aluminized steel, stainless steel, or die cast aluminum, and it can be coated according on the application. This coating protects the surface from dirt adhering to it.
A specific bracket allows the motor to be installed outside the hot oven, which is a very useful feature. This indicates that it is well-protected against heat. The hot-air blower and its associated drive motor are unaffected by high ambient temperatures. In the case of a vertical shaft position and a hanging fan impeller, ball bearings that are optionally available ensure a long service life.
Tangential Blowers
Stove jacket cooling, storage heaters, wood-burning stoves, underfloor convectors, air doors, air conditioners, and heaters all require a ventilation system with a low installation height and a high air flow rate. Tangential blowers from EBM-Papst are the ideal option. High air flow rates, excellent air throw, and excellent noise characteristics are all provided by these
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